Package all in one installation on Mac

Introduction With MacOS, we have, and Share file(s) online with IQBoxShare.workflow (we will zip this file) and we want to create only one installation package what will let two app files to Application folder and workflow file to ~/Library/Services (/Users/[user name]/Library/Services) Tools: packageMaker (auxiliary tool for Xcode) Getting Started Step1: Drag and Drop […]

Ajax trong wordpress

WordPress cung cấp một action để chúng ta gọi ajax đó là wp_ajax_$youraction. Ví dụ chúng ta sẽ gọi Ajax để xử lý add_foobar thì khai báo như sau ở server: Ở client thì chúng ta sẽ khai báo như sau: Chú ý nếu ajaxurl bị lỗi là chưa defined thì chúng ta thêm dòng sau trước:

Icon Overlay Handlers

I.Icon Overlay Handlers I.1. Knowleged base Icon overlay handlers are Component Object Model (COM) objects that are associated with a particular icon overlay. All communication between the Shell and the handler takes place through the handler’s IShellIconOverlayIdentifier interface. This interface has three methods: GetOverlayInfo , GetPriority , and IsMemberOf. GetOverlayInfo: This method is first called during initialization. The method returns the fully […]

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